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MFC Takes 5 Fencers to National Youth Event

Five brave fencers trekked down to Treasure Island near San Francisco and battled it out in a National level Youth event The Regional Youth Circuit (RYC) is held 4-5 times per season. We always love it when it is on Treasure Island.

First timers Evan Smith and Darian Cox both had some great bouts and are looking forward to their next chance to fence the best of the Bay Area.

Oliver Kenny and Andrei Sarbu were in the same event. Though Andrei was dealing with some pressure due to the hardest part of the sport, psychological, Oliver kept plugging along winning three pool bouts and two Direct Elemination bouts. Though knocked out in the third D.E. it still gave Oliver 8th place medal position.

Lela Mittman who has had to nurse back a several sprained ankle really showed grace under pressure winning all but one pool bout. Her final placement was 5th earning medal placement.

MFC has a strong youth fencing squad!

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